JOE PERRY: About to Fall off the Edge?

Joe Perry is taking a bashing on social media following his erratic guitar playing last Saturday in Las Vegas on Aerosmith's "Livin' on the Edge."

His sloppy play on the 1993 song led one fan to say, "Ummmm.... Joe....what in the [heck] is that? I've seen and heard 'The Admiral' thru good times and bad, and this has me genuinely worried. I hope and pray he's okay physically. And I say this not as a fan. I say it as a person genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of another human being. Maybe I'm overreacting, but my gut tells me otherwise."

There have been rumors about Joe's health for a few years now, fueled by a collapse on stage during a Hollywood Vampires show in 2016, and his being rushed to the hospital last November following a performance with Billy Joel at New York's Madison Square Garden.

A spokeswoman for the band is unavailable for comment.

Aerosmith continue their Deuces Wild Vegas residency today (Thursday) night. It runs through April 26th at MGM's Park Theater.

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