JOHN FOGERTY: Paranoia or Jealousy?

John Fogerty feels that his former CCR bandmates are trying to steal his thunder.

He's not happy that Stu Cook and Doug Clifford announced that this will be the last year ofCreedance Clearwater Revisitedt the day he began his Vegas residency, April 10th.

Fogerty tells Rolling Stone, “Isn’t that funny? I’m just opening at the Encore Theater in Vegas and they pull another one of those ‘Ah, well, we have something we’re doing over here.’ They could have said it two weeks ago or the day after next week. But it’s them dogging my career, so it’s not unusual.”

Fogerty's anger stems from the multiple lawsuits filed between the two camps, and he still feels they're stabbing him in the back. But the two camps were able to put aside their differences and are partners in Creedence Clearwater Revival LLC, in which they jointly approve all Creedence-related projects, including the inclusion of their complete Woodstock performance in a box set Rhino will release in the summer.

Cook tells Rolling Stone, "It’s not what most people would call a reunion, but it’s still a milestone. It’s a landmark in our relationship, given how it’s not been a thing of beauty the last 45 years. There’s still a lot of stuff to iron out, but things are functioning more like they should. There’s more trust... We’re stuck with each other forever, whether we like it or not.”

Fogerty does his last two Vegas shows Friday and Saturday while the Revisited have a one-off show in Mexico on April 27th before kicking off a summer tour on June 13th in Del Mar, California.

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