JUDAS PRIEST: More on Possible Next Album

Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill echoes what singer Rob Halford said recently about guitarist Glenn Tipton working on riffs for a new album. But he also says there are plenty of unused ideas from their last album, 2018's Firepower.

Speaking to Sonic Perspectives, Hill says there might be an album's worth material ready to be worked on. "There are some ideas that weren't used on the last record — very strong ideas that we never got around to completing. So it's very much on the cards. When that will happen, I don't know."

Priest has an American tour about to start and rescheduled European shows with Ozzy to do next February.

Hill says, "Next year is gonna be a sort of 50-year celebration. So probably sometime after that, maybe. We'll see. We'll see when we can get our heads down to it."

Priest's U.S. tour runs from May 3rd in Hollywood, Florida through June 29th in Las Vegas.

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