Peter Frampton Covers B.B. King

Peter Frampton has released another song from his forthcoming album, All Blues. It's a cover of the B.B. King classic, "The Thrill Is Gone," with special guest Sonny Landreth.

Frampton tells Billboardit's a tribute to B.B., who joined Frampton on his Guitar Circus tour in 2013.

"We were lucky enough, privileged enough to have B.B King open for us on his penultimate tour and I played the number with him every night. I don't think people are gonna be too upset that we do a version of this."

All Blues, which will be out on June 7th, contains 10 blues covers, and is the first in a series of albums he plans to release.

"We must have done nearly 40, 45 tracks, and we're still going," adding that there is enough material for three albums -- which will be one of original songs, an instrumental covers collection and another blues album. He says he also wants to do a Christmas album.

This latest flourish of creativity is due in part to being diagnosed with a muscular disease, which is why he will embark on a farewell tour in June, but also because he's started writing his memoir. Doing that is "actually doing wonders for lyrics as well. I've really been heavily getting into some lyrical content recently, which is good for me."

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