Navy Officers Create Phallic Funny in the Sky (may be offensive to some)

“I could definitely draw one, that would be easy,” the pilot said. “I could basically draw a figure eight and turn around and come back. I’m gonna go down, grab some speed and hopefully get out of the contrail layer so they’re not connected to each other.”

The pilot then continued: "Dude, that would be so funny. Airliner’s coming back on their way into Seattle, just this big (expletive)ing, giant penis. We could almost draw a vein in the middle of it too.”

In an extensive investigation report obtained by The Navy Times through a Freedom of Information Act request, the two junior officers of Electronic Attack Squadron 130 appeared to have plenty of time to kill during their 90-minute training session on Nov. 16, 2017 before a spur of the moment decision to make the sky drawing.

After figuring out what altitude would work and logistics to get the direction correct, the pilot remarked some features would be "a little lopsided."

But when their creation was complete, the two flew some distance away in order to oversee their work while laughing and taking photos, according to the Navy Times.

Get the full story from FOX News here.

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