U2: Back to the Tree

U2 will dust off The Joshua Tree again as they take the 32-year-old album out for a tour of Australia in November. The dates are expected to be announced this week.

The band celebrated the album's 30th anniversary by playing it in its entirety on tour in 2017, but they never took it Down Under.

Oddly, though it's their biggest-selling album worldwide, it's not their best seller in Australia. That distinction belongs to the album that came next, 1988'sRattle and Hum, with over 500,000 copies sold.

Bassist Adam Clayton was recently a guest on Irish comedianTommy Tiernan's show in Ireland, and he said, "U2 have been through various different cycles, but I don't know what the next cycle is going to be. And maybe being successful, commercial in that sense is gonna be less important to us... We try to walk that line of connecting, but also things that are fresh to your ear. And that is part of the challenge. It's the difference between fine art and commercial art I guess."

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