YES w/o Jon Anderson: New Live Disc

The Jon Anderson-less version of Yes will release a new concert collection, 50 Live, on July 19th. 

Available on two CDs, four vinyl albums or digitally, it was recorded over two nights at The Fillmore in Philadelphia last July 20th and 21st.

It is being released not only in conjunction with Yes's 50th anniversary, but also theirRoyal Affairtour, which starts on June 12th in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania -- 90 minutes north of Philly.

The tour features special guests John Lodge of The Moody Blues, Asia, Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy and renowned artist Roger Dean, who is responsible for the Yes, Asia and Lodge album covers.

Yes: 50 Live


1. Close To The Edge

2. Nine Voices (Longwalker)

3. Sweet Dreams

4. Madrigal

5. We Can Fly From Here, Pt. 1

6. Soon

7. Awaken


1. Parallels

2. Excerpt from The Ancient

3. Yours Is No Disgrace

4. Excerpt From Georgia’s Song and Mood For A Day

5. Roundabout

6. Starship Trooper

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