ELTON JOHN: Rocketman Is Cleared for Takeoff


Rocketman, the R-rated film about Elton John's life up until 1990, opens in theaters today (Friday).

Elton John on the journey it took to bring Rocketman to completion:

ActorTom Hardy was originally going to portray Elton, but he doesn't sing and Elton didn't want the movie to be lip-synched. Elton and his team then turned their attention to Welsh actor Taron Egerton.

Elton John on Taron Egerton portraying him in Rocketman:

English playwright and screenwriter Lee Hall, who Elton worked with on Billy Elliot the Musical wrote the script, but Elton is not sure who came up with the movie's title.

Elton John on choosing Rocketman as the title of the movie:

Unlike the Queen film,Bohemian Rhapsody, Elton makes it clear that Rocketman is not a bio-pic.

Elton John describes Rocketman:

So, if you plan to see Rocketman, there is something Elton hopes you take away from it.

Elton John on what he wants you to take away from Rocketman:


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