THE KINKS: Stop Your Defacing

When New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art launched its Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Rolle exhibit in April,Kinks guitarist Dave Davies complained about not being included.

He took to social media to say, "I invented the heavy power chord distorted LOUD guitar on ‘You Really Got Me.’ Me and [my brother]Ray, The Kinks created the first heavy guitar record in 'You Really Got Me' - haven’t the curators heard of the Kinks? ... My guitar sound inspired heavy metal - not loud enough for you Met? ... We have been in touch with the Rock Hall regarding this grave oversight "

Well, someone decided to take matters into their own hands by taping a sheet of paper with a picture of Dave on the showcase displaying one of the guitars. It read:

"Inventor of guitar distortion and godfather of both heavy metal and punk rock, should have obviously been included in this exhibit. The staff of the Met apologizes for the egregious and inexplicable exclusion, and bows down at the altar of Dave."

The notice went unnoticed for quite a few hours. And while Dave posted a photo of it on his socials, he wasn't too pleased about it,saying, "While I appreciate the loyalty of Kinks fans and of course I am appalled that we were excluded, I cannot condone defacing the exhibit. God bless you all - Love Dave."

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