Drunks Thought Bear Was Park Ranger Dressed Like One

A pair of Russian boozehounds nearly met grisly ends after trying to brawl with a grizzly bear -- which they thought was a park employee dressed up like a wild animal.

The men, whose names were not released, went on a bender in a Polish national park after sneaking in without paying the entrance fee. The cocktails made them a little cocky, so when they spotted what they thought was a ranger in a bear suit, they decided to bum-rush him -- only to find out that they were fighting with a very real, very angry bear.

The Russkies needed medical attention for cuts and bites, but they held their own, inflicting enough damage that the bear, named Samson, also needed a trip to the vet. One of them told authorities he intended to “punch [the bear] just once so he would keep quiet.” (Outdoor Revival)

How about a montage of bears messing with humans.

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