Van Converted to Recording Studio for Street Musicians

A few years ago, a sound engineer from the Netherlands named Marten was so inspired by musicians he heard in the street that he decided to dedicate his life to recording their music -- and sharing that music with the world.

But instead of inviting these musicians to a recording studio, Marten created a recording studio in the back of his van and traveled to them.

After cruising around Europe for two years, recording talented people he met along the way, Marten is now releasing an album called Sounds Like Van Spirit: A Collection of Europe’s Pavement Melodies.

Not only that, he’s also releasing a movie and also publishing a book featuring many of the songs and stories of the musicians that wrote them.

Marten is happy about the projects he’s been able to produce while on the road, but also mostly appreciates all the people and places in the world he’s been able to see along the way. (Whiskey Riff)

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