MOODY BLUES: Going It Alone

With The Moody Blues pretty much done, bassist John Lodge, like singer and guitarist Justin Hayward, is moving forward on his own.

BYond - The Very Best Ofcontains re-recordings of some of the classic songs Lodge wrote, including the first single, "Street Cafe," along with "(Evening) Time to Get Away," and, in tribute to the late Moody Blues singer and flute playerRay Thomas, "Legend of a Mind."

Lodge says, “With this album I want to share with you my deep cuts -- songs that I have wanted to revisit, and songs which have become an important part of my life."

BYond - The Very Best Ofwill be out on August 23rd.

Lodge is on the Royal Affairt tour with Yes,Asia and Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy. It started last night (Wednesday) in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The tour, which runs through July 28th in Saratoga, California, is in Farmingdale, New York tomorrow.

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