ZZ & VH: Plugging Hot Sauces

ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons has a new song out.

"Good 'Ol BBQ" was recorded with Nashville musician Tim Montana under the moniker The Whisker Brothers to promote their new hot sauce, Whisker Bomb.

Montana, who is a spokesman for Traeger Grills, says, "The song captures the Americana allure of fellowship and food, which this world could use some more of. Nothing celebrates the nation’s independence like getting together with friends and family — and it’s what’s coming off the 'que that keeps everybody smiling.”

Gibbons and Montana cut an EP with the songs "Good 'Ol BBQ," “Rockamole” and “That Sauce Is Hot.”

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, who also pushes a line of hot sauces, has posted a videoplugging his Mad Anthony line.

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