DOORS: Expanded 'Soft Parade' Reissue

The DoorsThe Soft Paradewill mark its 50th anniversary with an expanded reissue.

On October 18th, the band's fourth album, which featured "Touch Me," returns in an expanded three-CD, single-LP set combining the original studio album -- and the "Touch Me" 45 B-side "Who Scared You" -- with more than a dozen unreleased songs.

  • Five songs -- including "Touch Me" -- are in stripped-down versions with the horns and strings removed. Three alternate mixes add in new guitar parts by Robby Krieger("Touch Me," "Wishful Sinful," and "Runnin’ Blue).
  • Three other songs come from studio rehearsals with Ray Manzarek on vocals -- among them, an early version of "Roadhouse Blues." These three rarities include newly recorded bass parts by Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots, who joined Krieger andJohn Densmore at a 2016 tribute concert for Manzarek in 2016.
  • The much-bootlegged hour-long jam “Rock Is Dead” highlights the final disc. The track finds The Doors riffing through the entire history of rock and roll, from early delta blues through surf music, ending with the death of rock.

Ray Manzarek thinks "Touch Me" was an important change of pace for The Doors:

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