Def Leppard: Working On New Album, But Not Recording Yet

While Def Leppard have said they're working on new music, guitarist Vivian Campbell doesn't see them recording a new album anytime soon.

On the Rock Talk With Mitch Lafonp podcast, Campbell says, "Everyone in the band is a songwriter. We all have these little ideas in our back pocket. It's all a question of making the collective effort and actually start recording something. There's been rumors of maybe addressing that sometime in 2020. I don't know if it will be an album; I doubt it. I think what probably will happen is we'll go into the studio and just try and focus on two or three or four ideas and see what comes out of it. The last time we did that, it ended up being an album, which was the eponymous Def Leppard album in 2015... We have to keep doing that, even if it's an excuse to go on tour, because, hey, we got a new album."

Up next for Def Leppard is a residency in Las Vegas at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood for 12 nights between August 14th and September 7th.


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