ROLLING STONES: Filtered Down to Six Shows

The Rolling Stones are down to the last six dates on this leg of their No Filter tour.

While they'll have been on the road for a little over two months, when it's done, they'll only have done 17 shows. But regardless, it's still a long time for their oldest member, 78-year old drummerCharlie Watts.

Charlie Watts on the length of Rolling Stones tours:

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And even though this tour, which is playing football stadiums, is only 17-dates long, it's quite an undertaking.

There are 83 crew members, 25 trucks, and 20 trucks of steel for the staging and lights, all of which take 56 hours to build.

Up next is Broncos Stadium in Denver on Saturday. After that it's off to Seattle; Santa Clara and Pasadena, California; Glendale, Arizona, and the finale, August 31st in Miami.

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