WOODSTOCK: At 50 - Bethel by the Bay

Woodstock, the most famous music festival of all time, took place 50 years ago this week, August 15th to the 18th, 1969, in Bethel, New York.

Among the 32 acts on the bill were six from the San Francisco Bay Area --Jefferson Airplane,Grateful Dead,Santana,Country Joe and the Fish,Sly and the Family Stone and Creedence Clearwater Revival, who were paid $10,000.

Scheduled to go on Saturday night, they didn't take the stage until 12:30 Sunday morning, following a 90-minute five-song set from the Dead. Creedence's Woodstock performance -- not represented in the film or the soundtrack album -- is now available as an album.

John Fogerty on Creedence Clearwater Revival playing Woodstock:

John Fogerty on playing Woodstock

Fogerty's experience that night resulted in the song "Who'll Stop the Rain."

The festival also provided Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick with a unique memory, but it had nothing to do with the music or performing:

Grace Slick on her fondest memory of Woodstock

The one San Francisco band that was scheduled to perform on Saturday,Santana, actually did, albeit, like many others, later than planned. This resulted in Carlos Santana getting high with Jerry Garcia:

Carlos Santana on his fondest memory of Woodstock

The little-known Santana was booked as a favor to Bill Graham. Their fiery performance on Saturday raised the band's profile considerably.

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