If You Liked 'Superbad', This Movie Could Be For You


WHAT'S IT ABOUT? Three sixth grade boys ditch school and embark on an epic journey while carrying accidentally stolen drugs, being hunted by teenage girls and trying to make their way home in time for a long-awaited party.

WHO'S IN IT?Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, Molly Gordon, Will Forte, Lil Rel Howery, Millie Davis, Brady Noon


  • The movie has an R-rating, despite starring 12-year-olds.
  • The film was shot in Vancouver.
  • This is the second Superbad-inspired movie this year, following Booksmart, a female-led SuperbadGood Boys is considered a middle-grade version of the 2007 comedy.
  • Produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who also did Superbad.
  • The budget was $20 million.

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