Ever cried at work? You are NOT alone, over 80% of us have lost it at work

A new survey by Monster.com found 83% of us have cried at work. And 14% do it once a week. 

Work can be fun and productive, but it can also be stressful and anxiety-inducing. And because of that, sometimespeoplecry on the job. But if you’ve ever shed tears at work, know that you’re not alone. A new survey conducted by job searching website Monster.com showed that among 3,078 respondents, nearly83% of people have cried at work. And nearly half of those who cried at work (45.4%) said they were crying because of a supervisor or a co-worker. Other reasons cited include personal matters, (18.5%), workload (15.7%) and being bullied in the workplace (12.8%).



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