LYNYRD SKYNYRD: State of Their Nation

In the wake of guitarist Gary Rossington's heart valve replacement and the resulting postponement of two shows, Lynyrd Skynyrd, has issued a statement about the Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour and beyond.

"...The Farewell Tour was NEVER planned to be the first 30 shows and then ending in Jacksonville at the stadium show we played on September 2nd, 2018. Those first 30 shows in 2018 were just the FIRST leg of the tour. We always knew it would take 2 to 3 years for the band to play all of our favorite indoor and outdoor venues, world-wide.

"The reason for the tour was to let the fans know we can’t continue to tour the way we have toured since 1987 when we reformed. Gary has made it known that he does have heart and health issues. Touring from city to city, night in and out, is difficult on his health, as it is with others members of the band.

"We have every intention to finish off the Farewell Tour in 2020. Hopefully playing in South America, possibly a few more places in Europe, Australia and also a few cities that we've missed in the U.S.A. After all that is said and done, we will take a break and won't tour like we have in the past. We have already started recording a new studio album and hope to release it some point. We may still do a special engagement or charity show here or there.

"Who really knows what the future holds? Like they say, ‘Want to hear God laugh? Then tell him your plans….’ We just hope that the Skynyrd Nation will appreciate the band, the music and the knowledge that the boys and Honkettes wanted to take the music around the world one more time in a proper and fitting way, to help celebrate the legacy of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the music that has touched so many."

Gary, they report, is "healing and feeling better."

Skynyrd's next show is Friday in Irvine, California.

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