OZZY OSBOURNE: His Least Favorite Album

Even a legend like Ozzy Osbourne has to have at least one album he wishes he'd done differently -- or not at all.

With Ozzy's massive solo-career-spanning limited edition vinyl box set, See You on the Other Side, coming out November 29th,Rolling Stoneasked Ozzy which solo album he likes least. He had a ready answer:The Ultimate Sin, his fourth studio album, released in 1986.

Ozzy lays the blame at the job producer Ron Nevison did on it. He says, "The songs weren’t bad, they were just put down weird. Everything felt and sounded the same. There was no imagination. If there was ever an album I’d like to remix and do better, it would be The Ultimate Sin.”

  • Despite Ozzy's misgivings, the album went double-platinum and featured his biggest single to date, "Shot in the Dark."

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