Steven Tyler: Don't Film Me and Post

Steven Tyler has posted a videoq questioning a fan filming him with their phone at a recent Aerosmith concert.

He asks the audience member if they're going to post the video on their website. When he is told "no," Tyler asks, "Why are you videoing me then?" When told they don't know, Tyler says to "turn it off" and "watch the show."

But if you want to hand Tyler your phone,he'll film himself singing. And should you be the lucky recipient of a Tyler selfie video, he doesn't want you to "SIT ON THAT [CRAP]," he wants you to "POST IT. TAG#AEROPHONEVID" and he will "RETWEET it."

Artists who would prefer you leave your phone off or home include Peter Frampton and Rob Halford, who have both grabbed or kicked phones out of audience members' hands.Bob Dylan has also reacted unfavorably to audience members' use of phones.

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