Hurricane Dorian devastated The Bahamas, this video says it all

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) -- Heartbreaking video is emerging from the Bahamas.

Live Storms Media videographer Brandon Clement captured video from a helicopter on Tuesday, Sept. 3. As winds threw the aircraft around, Clement said he did see signs of life on the island. People were seen huddling together, walking around and some were apparently looting, Clement told CBS 12'sLiz QuirantesandJim Grimes.

Clement said just about the entire northern half of the isolated Abaco Islands was totally devastated by Dorian.

It’s going to be extremely difficult for help to get in because the airport is still under water," Clement said when asked about relief efforts. "We don’t think there is any aircraft fuel on the island."

While bringing supplies on boats is another option, the waters surrounding the island were still rough and would stay that way for the next day or so.

The Center for International Disaster Information reports "cash donations are the most efficient form of assistance." If you're interested in relief efforts,CLICK HEREfor a list of how you can help.

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