Improvements for Ladd-Peebles stadium will cost us $750,000


City leaders are set to vote on an infusion of cash for Mobile's 71-year-old municipal complex, Ladd-Peebles Stadium. It's a change in course from the mayor's office, which previously withheld hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Last year, Mobile's city council voted to spend $750,000 on the aging stadium. That was half a million more than what Mayor Stimpson budgeted. In December, his administration publicly announced it had no plans to spend that kind of money.

"At this point today the mayor is using his discretion to not move this $750,000 contract forward," said Director of Finance Paul Wesch on December 4, 2018.

Fast forward to today. Mayor Stimpson is now asking the full $750,000 be spent on Ladd, $200,000 of which is reserved for a walking trail, and welcome news to those who live near the stadium.

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