EDDIE MONEY: Rockin' Tributes

The music world is reacting to the death of Eddie Money this past Friday. Among them are:

Alice Cooper:"I first met Eddie when we did some shows together early in his career, and we’ve crossed paths many more times along the way," he shared withBillboard. "He kept having huge hits, which was no surprise because he seemed to have a voice that was made for the radio. But of the things I can most relate to about Eddie is that like myself, Eddie had his struggles with addiction and he found his way out of it with the help of his family. Another thing about his family is that Eddie brought them all on the road with him. They all performed on stage with him in his band, and that’s the way my family works as well, we have that in common. Eddie Money is and always will be an American icon of Rock N Roll, and I love playing his music on my radio show every night. My condolences to his family and fans around the world."

Sammy Hagar:“I watched Eddie for the last year struggle with his wonderful close family right there by his side doing anything and everything they could possibly do. He put up a good fight ... and his songs will play on forever... Rest in Peace my friend. I know you and [your late manager]Bill[Graham] are rocking. May every cover band play an Eddie Money song tonight."

Michael Anthony:"I am so saddened to hear of Eddie Money’s passing.Van Halen played shows with Eddie in the late '70s and he was a great inspiration and always fun to hang out with... Eddie, you will be missed. We know you’re up there entertaining everyone with your jokes!! Love and condolences from the Anthony family to Laurie and the family."

Kevin Cronin:"When I called Eddie Money to join us in Thousand Oaks for a benefit show earlier this year, he immediately came on board. Eddie’s presence made any room he entered a happier place. He shared back then that he had been fighting cancer, and winning. But he also said he wasn’t completely out of the woods. His spirits were good, and he was joking, as always.

"I am sick with the news of his passing. Just too sad. Our condolences go out to his wife Laurie, who was always by his side, and his children whom Eddie loved so dearly.REO Speedwagonwill be adding “Two Tickets to Paradise,” the song we played with Eddie so many times over the years of touring together, to our set at theKaboo Festivaltonight (Friday). Rest in peace my friend."

Kid Rock and his band did Money's "Shakin'" during his show Friday night in suburban Detroit.

Mike Reno, one of Eddie's golfing buddies, also paid tribute to his late friend, leading his band,Loverboy, through "Two Tickets to Paradise."

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