SAMMY HAGAR: Ready To Work with VH Again?

We've lost track of how many times Sammy Hagar has said he will -- or won't -- work again with Van Halen. Now he's willing again, but only if it's for the final show of his career.

He tells OC Weekly, "If I said I've only got one more show left in my whole life, who would you want [it] to be [with]? Eddie[Van Halen], Alex[Van Halen] and Michael[Anthony]. The good times and the stuff we made in the band, it was the peak of my life, musical life, career... It was during the MTV [era] -- the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll that was the most...

"We hit it. All number-ones; sell out every show you'd ever play in your life anywhere, any sized building in the world. It allowed me to build Cabo Wabo [tequila]; it allowed me to be a household name."

So how would he pull it off? "If those guys wouldn't do it, I'd go park in their driveway and make them. I'd say, 'I ain't leaving here.' Al's going to come over eventually, so I'll get him when he pulls up and hog-tie his ass. Me and Mikey will sit in the car out in the driveway until they fold."

Hagar last played with Van Halen in 2004.

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