THE KNACK: Meet the Real Sharona (Exclusive Audio)

The Knack's "My Sharona" was number-one 40 years ago this week -- but have you ever wondered who the actual Sharona was?

Sharona Alperin was the muse -- and later, the girlfriend -- of frontman Doug Fieger, even though she was eight years his junior. She tells us being the namesake of their biggest hit has "been pretty magical."

They first met when Doug and his then-girlfriend came into the clothing store where Sharona worked. For the aspiring musician, it was love at first sight. 

Sharona Alperin on the first time she met Doug Fieger of The Knack:

Sharona and Doug became friends, and the teenage girl he so desired became the face on the 45's picture sleeve. She recalls their time together "as an adventure."

Sharona Alperin says Doug Fieger had the hots for her from the day they first met:

Eventually, they became a couple. And though the romance didn't last long, Sharona and Doug remained friends -- and became even closer as his health failed from cancer. (He died in 2010.)

Sharona Alperin still gets recognized for her namesake song:

Ironically, Sharona found her career through Doug. While helping him house hunt in the L.A. area, she impressed local realtors. And it wasn't long until she made that her profession. Today, Sharona Alperin heads a successful Southern California realty business.  



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