MOTT THE HOOPLE: Tour Canceled

After a critically acclaimed sold-out run of dates in the spring,the reunited Mott the Hoople 74 won't be back in the fall as planned.

Their 11 shows have been cancelled. Singer-guitarist Ian Hunter has been advised not to tour due to a severe case of tinnitus [pr: TIN-uh-tuss] -- ringing in the ears.

It's a common problem among rockers exposed to loud music over long periods of time, but does not usually prevent them from performing.

In conjunction with the announcement, Hunter posted the following:

Hey Kids,

I’m afraid I’m not very well.

It happened out of the blue three weeks ago; I got hit heavily by tinnitus. It’s unrelenting and on doctors orders, I’ve had to cancel everything for the time being.

I’ve had it on and off for years, but it’s always slid away. This time it’s stayed - it knocks the stuffing and the confidence out of you.

You lot know I love to tour - been doing it for 50 years. I hate to let everybody down, but I’m stuck and I can’t even go to the post box at the moment never mind a tour. Unhappy is not the word for it. I’ve had tests - no tumors, but it’s loud and incessant and frankly scary.

I know this puts people out - believe me, I know. I just hope you’ll understand. You’re great fans and I’ll always appreciate you following me - I’m not everybody’s cup of tea!! Obviously [our backing band] the Ranters (Rant Band) are bummed out as are [Mott keyboardist] Morgan [Fisher] ’n’ the Great Ariel Bender (guitar), to say nothing of the crew and business people involved...

Where do we go from here - I’ve no idea kids. I’m just hoping it gets fed up with me eventually!! Don’t feel sorry for me - it’s been a great run if, indeed, it stays with me, and I have to stop now. Maybe it will sod off at some point - I just don’t know.

I’ll keep you updated via my website. Once again, sorry to you all.

Love ’n’ kisses


Hunter turned 80 in June.

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