The KINKS: About That Reunion

Ray Davies says he and his brother Dave are writing songs for a possible Kinks reunion album and tour.

He tells Rolling Stone, "Dave and I are having a collaboration on a few songs, which will be a first. I’ll be like, ‘Here is the chorus, you write verse two.’ I’m trying to keep the energy flowing, and I really want Dave involved creatively.”

Ray is hoping to get it to a point where they can get original Kinks drummer Mick Avoryin the studio, and possibly their second bass player,John Dalton, who Ray says he will talk to next month. "I’m calling it ‘Project Kinks.' We have to make the record first. But if we do play again, we’ll come to America. That’s another conversation though... We were never together. But we’re back to our dysfunction again.”

Up next for The Kinks is the release of the 50th anniversary deluxe edition of 1969’s Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)on October 25th. Ray and Dave got back together this week in London for a listening party for the album.

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