NEIL YOUNG: New Album Out This Friday

Neil Young and Crazy Horse release their new album,Colorado, this Friday.

In an interview with Wired, Neil says, "Crazy Horse is not a great band and does not have a great feeling all the time. And yet Crazy Horse is able to go places that I can’t go with anybody else. I know I can go bipolar, I can go cosmic, I can go wherever I want to go when we play the instrumentals and the band just starts to gel like this one big heartbeat, and it’s this special thing I’ve only experienced with Crazy Horse. Other guys have got their bands, and that’s true for them, too. But this is the most cosmic band I’ve played in, period. There’s no comparison.”

In addition to the album, Neil also put together a film on the making of the album.Mountaintopis in theaters tonight (Tuesday).



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