THE WHO: Moving On and Out Tonight

The Who bring this year's version of their Moving On!t tour to a close tonight (Thursday) in Los Angeles with their third show at the Hollywood Bowl.

During the soundcheck for their first show this month at the Bowl, the sun was beating down so intensely that they had to utilize the curtain that was installed for these types of days. The only problem was that their lighting rig prevented it from being drawn across the stage. If the orchestra was unable to rehearse, it could have brought an end to the show. They were able to improvise and ran a partial curtain across the front of the stage like a giant canvas sail.

The Bowl is also the site of the beginning of the latest chapter in The Who's career as it was where they did their first show without John Entwsitle following his death in 2002.

The Who will follow up this tour with the release of a new self-titled album on November 22nd, and then it's back on the road in the U.K. in March and April. They are supposed to make up the dates they postponed in Dallas and Denver in the spring, so there may be more U.S. dates tacked on to make it cost efficient.

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