CHRISSIE HYNDE: Five Years Clean

Two members of The Pretenders died of drug abuse in the early '80s, but it took bandleader Chrissie Hynde 31 years to straighten herself out.

She tells Qmagazine, "Drinking and drug taking impairs the quality of life. I realized that in my 20s but I never got around to fixing it until my 60s. The last time I got really wrecked was at Kate Moss’ 40th birthday party [in 2014]. I was so ill for a week after I thought, ‘That’s enough.’ I had many, many epiphanies leading up to that one, but that was the one that finally stuck. I’ve also even stopped smoking pot, cos it was too much hassle to get it. And if there’s one thing potheads don’t like, it’s hassle.”

Now 68 and a longtime vegetarian, Chrissie will take the current version of The Pretenders on tour with Journey next year.

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