Little Feat keyboardist Bill Payne has penned a tribute to his bandmate, guitarist Paul Barrere(pr: buh-RARE), who died last month from liver cancer.

It's titled The Fierce Terrain: A Friendship and Alliance, and here is an extract of what Payne wrote:

"I met Paul in the summer of 1969...

"The fierce terrain we were enjoined in over these 50 years was reflected in our music, in our journey, and in our understanding that none of it would be easy. Honesty is not always benign, but it is necessary if you are to be truthful to yourself and others. That honesty translates into the songs we wrote, which is why they resonate with so many people.

Paul touched many hearts and minds by sharing the gifts he possessed. We have the songs, his voice and all the inflections he commanded, his incredible musical sense as a player, whether playing a searing and soaring slide part or a gentle acoustic guitar. He was a master at rhythm and creating stellar parts to songs of almost any genre. I still can hear the laughter in his voice, still feel the reverberations over misunderstandings, along with knowing that throughout it all we were brothers. I know well the intensity of who he was as a musician, as a man, and I honor that.

My tears are of sadness, both for him and for those of us that knew him, that loved him and that carry him in our hearts."

Paul Barrere was 71.

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