MTB's Doug Gray Recalls His Trip Home From Vietnam

“I remember it to this day exactly what that old lady looked like — she was old and I'm 71, so I can say it,” Gray joked as he began.

“She said, 'I'm awful proud of you. I know these people don't understand what y'all have done for us,'” said Gray, adding that he wasn’t sure himself why American troops were sent to fight in Vietnam to begin with. “But that lady – and I see her face now just sitting there talking to me – she honestly was an honest soul and I know people have a soul and the soul shows out. And she saw me hopping for just a minute until my leg woke up and she thought I was injured. That's why she gave me that ticket.”

Gray said he explained to the sweet lady that he actually wasn’t injured and that his leg had simply fallen asleep, however, his plea fell on deaf ears – the woman wouldn’t take no for an answer and doubled-down on her random act of kindness.

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