BEATLES, STONES, ELTON: Top Billboard's Greatest Artists

To mark its 125th anniversary,Billboardmagazine has published a list of the 125 Greatest Artists of All Time.

While few would question the Top 5 names --The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Mariah Carey and Madonna-- the placement or absence of some artists will probably surprise you..

Missing are such iconic names as The Who, Jefferson Airplane/Starship, Van MorrisonJohnny Cash and The Moody Blues. And Ray Charles at number-118 could be labeled a head-scratcher -- especially compared to Olivia Newton-John coming in at 44.

Though Billboardwas founded in 1894, this list is based on data beginning in August 1958, when the industry-standard Hot 100 singles chart was established. That explains why pre-rock and roll figures such as Frank Sinatra,Bing Crosby and Tommy Dorsey are MIA.

  1. The Beatles
  2. The Rolling Stones
  3. Elton John
  4. Mariah Carey
  5. Madonna
  6. Barbra Streisand
  7. Michael Jackson
  8. Taylor Swift
  9. Stevie Wonder
  10. Chicago
  11. Whitney Houston
  12. Paul McCartney
  13. Elvis Presley
  14. Janet Jackson
  15. Rod Stewart
  16. Drake
  17. Prince
  18. Rihanna
  19. Billy Joel
  20. Garth Brooks
  21. Herb Alpert 
  22. Eminem
  23. Usher
  24. Bruce Springsteen
  25. Neil Diamond

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