DEEP PURPLE: New Album on the Way

Deep Purple's Long Goodbye Tour will continue into next year -- and it will be accompanied by a new album.

Like their last two albums -- 2013's Now What?!and 2017's Infinite-- this one was produced by Bob Ezrin. They recorded it in Nashville this year.

Singer Ian Gillan says, "We are famous for our lack of planning and we all wondered what had drawn us together in this place and time. An even greater surprise was to follow; each member arrived at a rehearsal studio and then a recording studio at roughly the same time on roughly the same day with roughly no idea of what we were doing... Perhaps, after another brief hibernation, all will become clear, in the spring of 2020."

In other Purple news, they will tour the U.K. next October with Blue Oyster Cult opening.

Purple will release a new concert album,Live in Rome 2013, on Friday.

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