10cc: Expanded Biography in 2020

An expanded version of the authorized biography of 10cc will be published next year. The revised edition adds pages, chapters and stories about the British band known in America for "The Things We Do for Love" and "I'm Not in Love."

Taking its title from a song on the group's second album, 10cc: The Worst Band in the World was written by Liam Newton, who interviewed members, contributors, managers, producers, collaborators and other artists. He clearly impressed two of the band's founders: 

  • Kevin Godley, who wrote the foreword, says, "Very thoroughly researched and quite a story. Lots of stuff in there I didn’t actually know."
  • Graham Gouldman adds, "It’s only after reading this book that I realized how influential 10cc were."

10cc: The Worst Band in the World, now filling 528 pages, goes on sale February 12th.

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