THE WHO vs. ROD STEWART: Battle for Number-One

Earlier this week,The Who's new album,Who, was on target to debut at number-one on the U.K. Official Albums Chart, which would make it their first since Who’s Nextin 1971. 

However, Rod Stewart's new release,You're in My Heart, has surpassed it, which led Pete Townshend to post:

"I was up until five. Six hours signing CDs. I hope it gets our new album back up to #1 as Rod Stewart just knocked us off... Bless us. We old dudes are chucking our appliances at each other. I’m hoping mine will land on his head. At leastRoger[Daltrey] and I still pay tax in the UK. Vote for The Who today. Don’t get fooled again. Don’t vote again for Maggie or May. Bloomin’ politicians."

Meanwhile, Stewart is well aware of that he is close to achieving his 10th number-one album in England and has posted a short videoencouraging his fans to purchase it.

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