MOTLEY CRUE: Only One Way to Attract Girls, Girls, Girls

Motley Crue may be the poster children for '80s hair bands and spandex, but these days they're dealing with the effects of hard living. So they need to get in shape for next year's tour with Def Leppard.

Band manager Allen Kovac tellsFOX Business, "Some of them are working with a trainer, some of them are working with a nutritionist to make themselves the best they can be. The greatest insecurity for an artist is: 'Is anyone going to care about my music? Is anyone going to buy a ticket?' We were in November when the discussions were happening, and these guys were already into regimens of how they get ready for a tour."

The bands will do 22 shows in stadiums across the country, joined by Poison and Joan Jett.

  • The guys in Def Leppard are still fit. Guitarist Phil Collen, at 62, sports a six-pack that would make any teenager envious. Same goes for Poison's Bret Michaels.
  • Joan Jett, at 61, is still slim and trim. But the work she's had done on her face makes it look ready to split open if she laughs too hard.

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