FOO FIGHTERS: Gave the Kid Drummer Too Much

Well, that was awkward.

At their tour-closing show in Nashville last week, Dave Grohl continued his occasional practice of bringing someone from the audience up on stage with Foo Fighters -- in this case, it was an eight-year-old drummer from Venezuela named Little Fonzie.

He let his guest take over Taylor Hawkins' drum seat and do a solo, but after a few minutes Grohl began to get antsy, telling the crowd, "He's still going...Can I have my concert back?" That didn't stop Little Fonzie, so Grohl asked his dad, who'd accompanied his son onstage, "What are we going to do? What do you do? There's nothing we can do! We're not in day care right now." Soon after, dad coaxed the kid out of the seat.

When it was over, Grohl told anyone with signs asking to jam with the Foos to put them down, saying, "You're not going to compete with Little Fonzie. He just smoked your ass."

You can find a couple of videos of this high jinks on YouTube.  (NME)



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