FLEETWOOD MAC: Almost Went Their Own Ways


Mick Fleetwood says Fleetwood Mac had to have a heart-to-heart before deciding to continue as a band without Lindsey Buckingham, who refused to tour this year.

Speaking to Yahoo, Fleetwood says, "It was a team huddle of the existing band members to really not panic into anything, other than really following our hearts as to what this meant — which was huge, any which way you look at it. And once we had galvanized that approach amongst the four remaining folks, we took the bull by the horns. It was really as simple as that. But it certainly took a real, meaningful breath. All of us, probably in our various ways, came to that decision that we want to, we need to, we feel good about it."

Buckingham was replaced by Neil Finn of Crowded House and Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell. The band will include a Crowded House and a Tom Petty song in the show. Fleetwood believes this line-up will make new music.

The tour starts October 3rd in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a warm-up show a few weeks earlier at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

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