John Mellencamp Says Rock Is Dead

John Mellencamp has posted on his website the full 30-minute interview he did last month on NBC's Today show with correspondent Harry Smith.

In one of the more revealing parts of their chat that did not make the original four-minute segment, Mellencamp says rock is dead.

"I'm glad to have been part of this business, but now I just feel like we're just dragging around the dead carcass of rock 'n' roll -- a couple of us older guys. We'll be like big bands in a few years... Dragging around the dead carcass of what was once an entire generation's lifestyle."

Mellencamp also talked more about his fiance, actress Meg Griffin, calling her the funniest person he knows, his moodiness, artwork, latest album and touring.

He heads back on the road February 7th in South Bend, Indiana.

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