These 10 gadgets are cluttering up your house

How many remotes do you own that DON'T work anymore? Why do we keep them?  The remotes aren't the only gadget taking up our space - check out this Top 10 and I bet you'll have at least 50% of these items cluttering up your place...No wonder we call them "junk drawers"

Sure, you don't need your Motorola Razr phone from 2006 right NOW, but you'd better hang on to it anyway.  You never know what tomorrow will bring.

According to a new study, the average person has $161 worth of old gadgets sitting around their house.  And about 14% of us have at least a few that are 20 years old.

Here are the 10 most common old gadgets that are cluttering up our houses . . .

1.  Cell phones.

2.  Random chargers.

3.  TV remotes.

4.  Headphones.

5.  Cameras.

6.  DVD players.

7.  Cell phone cases.

8.  Digital cameras.

9.  Laptops.

10.  CD players. 

Check out the full article from THE DAILY MIRROR

Steve Powers

Steve Powers

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