Put your $$ on the Browns for next year's Superbowl...43-2 odds

If you're already tired of talking about this year's Super Bowl, check this out . . . the online Sportsbook Bet DSI has their lines out on each team's odds to win Super Bowl 54 NEXT year, and the Cleveland Browns are NOT last.

In fact, they're tied for the 12th BEST odds. There are 32 teams, so that means 19 team of them are LESS likely to win next year's Super Bowl. Yikes, people really are drinking the Baker Mayfield Kool-aid.

They have the Browns tied with the Dallas Cowboys at 43-to-2, which is roughly 4.4%. That's pretty wild for a team that's one season removed from a 1-31 stretch. By the way, the Rams have the best odds to win next year, at 15-to-2, or 11.8%. 

(Here's the full rundown .)

Steve Powers

Steve Powers

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